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View our exclusive ring designs and loose stone inventory in real time with a Prestige design consultant! At the end of the meeting we will record all the notes on your favorite styles and center-stones. We can create an order on the spot or save this information for whenever you are ready to proceed.



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All times are Mountain Standard Time and appointment lengths are up to 45 minutes long.


Once your appointment is scheduled you will receive an email with instructions . For virtual appointments We recommend connecting from a computer with a strong internet connection for optimal viewing. If your computer does not have a microphone enabled, you can access the link from your smartphone at the same time.








Jewellery is more than just a collection of jewels and precious metals. No, jewellery is a reflection of love, timeless elegance, family history, and the promise of an eternity together. Your jewellery is a part of who you are as a person and adds an unmistakable air of “you” to your daily look and identity.

When you need your jewellery repaired and maintained, you need to turn to experts who not only know jewellery intimately but also consider your jewellery pieces as special as you do—and treat them with the same level of respect.


The jewel of Prestige Jewellers has been the source of the finest jewellery fashions for the greater Edmonton and Fortmcmurray area for over 20 years. In addition to beautiful jewellery, the expert staff at Prestige Jewellers are experts at keeping your treasures in perfect condition. Fast and affordable, our expert jeweller is experienced in all facets of jewellery maintenance. Prestige Jewellers proudly offers on-site jewellery maintenance services that keep your jewellery safely in our hands, including: Watch Service: Prestige Jewellers offers on-site watch repair and servicing of most makes & models Appraisal: Prestige Jewellers offers on-site appraisals and insurance replacement estimates. Call us to book an appointment with our GIA-certified gemologist Jewellery Repair: Work with our expert jeweller to maintain your heirlooms, ranging from gold to diamonds and beyond Engraving: Prestige Jewellers offers engraving for watch backs, rings, cufflinks and most jewellery upon request Gold Buying & Trade-In: Prestige Jewellers pays top dollar for your old gold. Also ask our staff about trading your old gold for something new.


Our experts are masters at jewellery servicing, but if you'd prefer to take a look at a new piece, don’t hesitate to ask about the selection of dazzling selection of diamond jewellery, fine jewellery, including necklaces, fashion rings, bracelets, earrings, and timepieces available at Prestige Jewellers.

For more information on the jewellery repair services available now at Prestige Jewellers, head over to our "Contact Us" page 





At Prestige Jewellers we're committed to pairing you with the finest jewelry available. This promise, to be your jeweler for life, extends far beyond the point of purchase. We aim to provide unparalleled service and offer ongoing maintenance — from resizing and refurbishing to upgrades, free shipping, tightening, and a generous return policy — for our valued customers.

We proudly stand behind every Prestige piece and urge new and returning clients to let us know how we can be of service to you. Learn more about our promise and feel free to reach out with questions anytime.

Lifetime Warranty & Privileges

By choosing Prestige, you are assured the highest quality in design and craftsmanship. All Prestige products are warrantied against imperfections incurred during production. We certify that your center and side gems are securely mounted in the setting; should any gemstone fall out from its mounting due to workmanship defects, we'll replace it free of charge.

Special care should be taken to maintain your Prestige jewellery . Warranty does not cover jewelry that is subjected to excessive wear, abuse, or physical damage, whether accidental or not.

Examples Of Unwarranted Damage Include:

  • Loss of gemstone due to prongs catching, excessive pressure, roughness, or wearing down of ring.
  • Discoloration of precious metals caused by chemicals, bathing, and immersion in pools and hot tubs.
  • Thinning of precious metals, especially prongs, due to everyday wear (may require periodic refurbishment).

Fees may be charged if repair work is necessary to preserve the integrity of your jewelry, including, but not limited to, ring re-curving, replacement of broken or chipped gemstones, and re-tipping of prongs.

Warranty is VOID if your jewelry is worked on by another jeweler.


The 4C's


We love diamonds because they sparkle. How well a diamond is cut, will determine how much sparkle it will have. The shape of the diamond, it’s proportions, symmetry and polish produce different optical effects. Looking at the images below, you can see how light in an ideal cut diamond will create even reflections and produce maximum brilliance. A diamond cut too deep will have dark areas, unbalanced reflections and lack of brilliance. A diamond cut too shallow will look milky, have unbalanced reflections and will have a lack of brilliance.



Diamond crystals formed in the earth that are crystal clear are so rare that only 2% of the worlds diamond supply is crystal clear or flawless. Diamond crystals were formed from a cooling liquid state and anything foreign within this liquid was eternally embedded inside. When diamonds cooled into their crystal form, most experienced cooling fractures as well, which look like white feathers or cracks. We prefer to use the term natural characteristics rather than flaws, inclusions or imperfections because they create a diamonds beautiful personality. Clarity is graded by viewing a diamond through the top using 10x magnification. There are 6 main categories of clarity and each have guidelines based on how many natural characteristics there are, their size, location, direction, colour and how easily they are seen. The clearer a diamond is, the higher it is graded. The higher the grade, the rarer and more valuable it is.

Diamond Clarity Descriptions

FL – Flawless –Perfection on the inside and the outside.

IF – Internally Flawless –  Perfection on the inside with a minute little something on the outside.

VVS – Very Very Slightly Included – Minute natural characteristics very difficult to see under 10x magnification.

VS – Very Slightly Included – Natural characteristics difficult to see under 10x magnification.

SI – Slightly Included – Natural characteristics easily seen under 10x magnification but not visible to your naked eye.

Il – Included –Natural characteristics sometimes seen with the naked eye and obvious under 10x magnification.

I2 and I3 – Included – Obvious natural characteristics visible to your naked eye.



Colour is the natural range of tint in a diamond. Diamonds formed from a liquid state of carbon deep in the earth under intense heat and pressure. If a trace of another element solidified when a diamond crystal was forming it altered its colour. Nitrogen is the most common element which adds a tint of yellow to diamonds. The amount of nitrogen within a crystal dictates how yellow it will become.

Diamonds form in every colour of the rainbow as well as black and white. All diamonds other than white are categorized as fancy and graded for colour on a different scale.

Diamond Colour Grades

Colourless:   D-E-F 

Near Colourless:  G-H-I-J 

Faint Yellow:   K-L-M 

Very Light Yellow:   N to R 

Light Yellow:   S to Z 


Carat Weight

Carat weight is the physical weight of a diamond on a scale. Diamonds have their own unique system of weight that has existed for thousands of years. The word “carat” originated from the carob tree which produced seeds that were always the same size and weight making them a reliable and available resource of weight for reference.

One carat weighs 0.20 grams on a scale. All weights are referenced to one carat, or in other words, anything weighing less than one carat is referred to as under a carat, where anything weighing over a carat is more than a carat.

Because diamonds are so valuable, this weight system had to be broken down further to be more precise. A fraction of a carat could mean a price difference of thousands of dollars so accuracy is critical when valuing a diamond for sellers and buyers. Therefore, one carat is broken down into 100 points, the same concept as 100 pennies in one dollar. One carat = 100 points.

Carat weight is written using decimal numbers, the same as units of money. A one dollar bill is written $1.00. A one carat diamond is written 1.00ct. and the word “carat” is abbreviated to “ct”. A diamonds weight can be expressed in points or carats.



A diamonds shape is not the same as a diamonds cut. Shape is the external form a diamond is cut into. 75% of the worlds diamond supply is cut into the round shape because its symmetry, when cut properly, has the most brilliance compared to other shapes of equal quality. Each diamond shape has different attributes that affect the price and quality grade.

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